WLPD 2020 Course Catalog

18 The New Employee Experience (NEE) at Georgia Tech includes a series of in-person and online events bridging the first six months of employment, all designed to accelerate your productivity as a new hire. Productivity comes from a sense of ownership, and a personal connection to our mission, vision, and values. We think of the New Employee Experience as a continuous process of engagement and learning and have designed each experience to be impactful, informative, fun, and packed with key takeaways that set you up for success. This is the best orientation I’ve ever attended . . . welcome change from the industry norm! NEW EMPLOYEE EXPER I ENCE Georgia Tech Leaders Panel 3-hour session When new and seasoned voices come together, we all stand to learn something. That’s the premise of Georgia Tech’s New Employee Experience: Leaders Panel. The loose Q&A format provides an opportunity for new hires to seek answers to their questions from experienced leaders from all over campus, and to share the benefit of their fresh perspective with key institute decision-makers. Participants leave the ninety-minute session with a deeper understanding of Tech’s culture, processes, resources and community. New Employee Experience: Welcome to Tech * 1-day session The New Employee Experience: Welcome to Tech session is the first of many in-person and virtual interactions included in the New Employee Experience. At Welcome to Tech, new employees will enjoy an interactive fun-filled day. This session will start the new employee on a path of interactions throughout their six-month probationary period that will accelerate their productivity and create an environment where new employees begin to establish key connections. Please come prepared to have a fun time and dress comfortably. We look forward to connecting with you soon! First 15 Days 2nd Month Contact GTHR for Scheduling Bi-weekly on Wednesdays *This session is only for new employees within their first 30 days New Employees will be invited to enroll! Quarterly; day of week varies “ “